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Corporate Responsibility

Prioritising year on year improvements

We've always prioritised a year-on-year improvement in our eco-friendly practices, products and production, every season we look for new and innovative processes, materials and concepts to help us lead the industry in this area.

We know that our sector makes a significant environmental 'impression', largely through its use of electricity, water and raw materials. And, because we're passionate about treading gently on this planet of ours we have invested heavily in the standards, certifications and innovations that will not only look to achieve our own CSR goals, but those of our customers as well.

Our goal is a simple one, to be better today than we were yesterday, to be proud of our achievements in this area, but to never be satisfied that we have done all we can.

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Initiatives we're delighted to include in our CSR repertoire are:

Sustainable evolution

For years our team have championed the development and use of new and innovative methods and materials, from vegetable dyes and recycled yarns to REACH compliance, eco-finishes and faux leathers. Today, most of all, our products are manufactured with sustainability at their core and, true to our corporate responsibility goals, we're continually looking for ways to increase this number.

Complicance and certification

An ever more environmentally conscious customer base drives us all on to do better. To these ends we work closely with SGS and OEKO-TEX, among other internationally recognised standards testing and certification organisations, to offer total peace of mind and a clear and evidenced sustainability audit trail to support our clients' CSR commitments. Complete transparency in documentation, material content and origin, the process it goes through and distribution channels used, are all available on request.

Renewable and recylable

No matter how careful you are, manufacturing anything has an environmental impact which is why we promote recycling wherever possible. We use post-consumer recycled materials – upcycling from fabrics and working with our production units to produce easily removable metal trims. Going forward we will be increasing the volume of recycled items and materials in our range and expanding the amount of recycled materials in the packaging that we supply to our customers.

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Our goal is to incorporate accountability and transparency into every aspect of our business to ensure that all our customers can be confident that we place their best interests, and those of the planet, at the heart of everything we do.

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