Antique embossed label

The latest addition to our bank of inspirations a famous Mich.Birk-Katalog No. 4. We’ve been pretty excited by this catalogue which can only be described as a ‘historical consumer treasure trove!’ Produced circa 1913 the material it holds represent the fashion , style, design and taste of labelling of a time gone by. The simple nature of these designs shows a quality conscious consumerism we just don’t have anymore. The catalogue is not a reprint but an original which the company Birk found pressed together tightly packed away in heavy wooden crates to protect from light and moisture and uncertainties of the looming war.  The page shown is only a small example of the type of original labels within its pages. We look forward to designing new hang-tags and labels under the influence of this beautiful catalogue. If you’d like to know more please get in touch.