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Welcome to APxplore, our division dedicated to the task of seeking out and supporting innovations in sustainability across our sector.

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We are very proud to have been at the forefront of so many solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of our supply chain over the years. Now, to take this still further and due to increasing demand from clients with similar environmental aspirations, we have established a division staffed by a team whose principal responsibility is to pursue and further this agenda.

Working closely with our supply and manufacturing partners, we seek out and support new innovations that we feel may contribute to making our industry that much more environmentally friendly.

Innovations such as:

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A mushroom-based leather substitute – Mycel – which uses the mushrooms unfit for human consumption.

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A fully compostable plastic bag – Aquabag – which entirely dissolves in water without leaving any microplastics. Our branding and packaging division is already in discussions with a number of our customers who recognise how groundbreaking this is in environmental terms.

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Eco Freindly Metal Finishes. Button electroplating uses up excessive amounts of electricity and water. We offer over a hundred different finishes, but demand has been growing for eco-finishes, so we now offer ‘tumbling’ finished metalwork, among other solutions, which has far superior environmental credentials and all of our finishes now come with an indication of their relative environmental impact.

Our goal is to support 5 to 6 new innovations a year in materials, packaging, manufacturing processes, recycling and many other areas.

Our APxplore team also look to support established testing and certification procedures to ensure that our clients are able to validate their sustainability efforts through us. These include SGS product test reports and Chain-of-Custody (CoC) certification, certificate of compliance on Global Recycled Standard (GRS), OEKO-TEX Leather Standard testing and certification and their STANDARD 100 certification for metal buttons, rivets and woven labels. Finally we work within the Higg Materials Sustainability Index which enables us to assess our environmental and social sustainability impact throughout our supply chain.

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