Topman Selvedge Denim


Selvedge by definition; “an edge produced on woven fabric during manufacture that prevents it from unravelling.”

We produce a full trim collection for the selvedge denim line of Topman.

A UK Leader of mens high-street fashion, Topman's Selvedge Denim is their latest collection of durable jean, created using only heritage production methods.

With a denser weave, selvedge denim is often more desirable than standard denim. The raw characteristics of selvedge mean a longer lasting garment, one which gets better with age, it also enables the wearer to impart their own unique personalised fit. Selvedge denim was historically produced on narrow looms and in smaller production. High demand for the fabric meant a standardised jean was produced on wider looms and in mass production. Mass production meant more waste and no need for a self-edge. In the late 1940s many of the original looms from the US were sold to counties like Japan to recoup some of the costs incurred after the impact of war. Selvedge production had all but disappeared in the US, Japan were again leading in producing quality denim. Topman's new line of selvedge incorporates a capsule collection cut from world famous Japanese Kurabo Mills denim.

If you're serious about 'breaking-in' a new pair of raw selvedge jeans it's suggested wearing them every day for at least 6 months without wash! Jeans that come pre-washed can be worn as normal - phew!

See the Topman Selvedge collection here and trims

Words and trim images, L.Carless