Norse Projects


"It’s neither streetwear, workwear nor high-end fashion."

Functional and feminine Norse Projects translates brands philosophy into their very first FW15 Womenswear Collection.

Over the years, Norse Projects have come to define a new Scandinavian aesthetic, a modern and contemporary version of the classic Nordic minimalism. Not just obsessed with being plain and simple, co-founders Tobia Sloth, Anton Juul and Mikkel Grønnebæk were instead looking for functional pieces with a refined quality. It’s neither streetwear, workwear nor high-end fashion. If anything it’s a healthy mixture of all three, with a hint of Danish sensibility.

Tobia Sloth describes the look as "sort of a naive and playful simplicity that is in fact not simple at all to achieve, but masks a great deal of consideration behind each garment. We have considered each item to make it unique to how women would wear it. The inspiration is a juxtaposition of crafts-based techniques and fabrics, where tactile expressive elements are combined with modern techniques and materials, combining Japanese and Italian materials, each chosen for their particular property."

See full collection here.

Words and images courtesy of Highsnobiety and Norse Projects.