"It takes a generation for object to absorb a lifetime of use, but we get pretty close."

At APxpress we pour over functional details.

Whether it's replicating the vintage buttons on a button card or picking apart the threads of a label, we don't take any part of a garment for granted.

We often take our inspiration from found objects but mostly we make purposeful searches for vintage buttons, tags and labels. There is always something good to be taken from these finds, no detail goes unnoticed. Replicating the finish or patina of a particular button takes time and skill. Our development teams work closely with our designers whether in-house or external. A close relationship is needed with our production units meaning we are able to get the finish we are happy with. Of course you're never going to be able to fully replicate the patina of a button that may be 100 Years old, it takes a generation for object to absorb a lifetime of use, but we get pretty close!

For our latest seasonal range of Denimstock we looked to the TheStyleFoundry. Utilising their specialist skills when it comes to denim trims means not only a faster turn-around but also benefiting from their innate understanding of vintage workwear. Take one look at their denim blog TheDenimFoundry and its clear to to see they have an inspiring archive.

A selection of our latest seasonal ranges for Denimstock, Club Masion, Masion Des Femmes, Generation Man & Generation Woman will soon be available online and for SMS.

Our newest 'Eco Friendly 100' finishes are also now available. If you are interested in developing any of our seasonal ranges for your brand please contact our sales or development teams.

Words and images by L.Carless