Denim Dudes



Street Style, Vintage, Workwear, Obsession...

Being obsessed with all things denim we were pretty eager to get hold of Amy Leverton's new book Denim Dudes.

Launched in early February through Laurence King, Amy Leverton the Head of Youth and Denim at WGSN shows us how a decade of love for the industry has given her an expertise for everything indigo. Working in both design and trend analysis her interaction with brands and fellow denim lovers has given her good reason to document all of this great knowledge.

As you would expect the book profiles many of the top designers, key players, innovators and gurus of the denim world such as our friend Jason Denham alongside Diesel’s Adriano Goldschmied, Miles Johnson of Levis Made and Crafted, Shunji Ohashi at Kapital, Donwan Harrell of PRPS and many more. Coupled with exclusive photography this book offers an unrivalled insight into the often eccentric world of the denim lover.

Amy tells us how her love for denim captured her heart after a visit to a famed denim mill in North Carolina. A realisation of the deep history and passion that will forever influence this billion pound industry clearly humbled her to create this unique book.

A self confessed admission of the geographical gaps and the omission of any ladies in denim means we hope to see a Denim Dudes 2 in the near future.

Denim Dudes is available to order through Laurence King Publishing  Follow DD on instagram

Words by L. Carless